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 Updated 10th October 2021
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Our Guarantee

Like snowflakes, no two Holly sprays are alike! And each is judged, graded and evaluated many times from the initial selection in the orchard through the final inspections that assure the quality of our unique products. Our choice Hollies are cut to order and to prolong freshness, quickly processed in a special solution to help prevent berry drop and defoliation. Care and concern continues through every step of preparation through the choice of shipping carrier for final delivery and ultimate enjoyment of our choice

English Hollies and Forest Products
BeaverCreek Farms

Although Wreaths and other Specials follow a design pattern, each is the result of an individual's talents for arranging available material that can be enjoyed and appreciated thoughout the Holidays - again, no two are alike. Before weighing and final inspections, each box is carefully packed with graded-selections and with special attention to your individual requests - those extra little touches that make Holly Gifts from you and BeaverCreek treats long remembered. Finally, the box is sped on its way via the carrier that is most likely to make the quickest delivery for currently prevailing conditions - usually less than 4 days. Being 30 miles SE of Portland, Oregon, ready, quick and easy access to all major carriers to all parts of the country including Alaska and Hawii is available.

We hope Holly –
BeaverCreek Holly
– is included in your shopping plans and that your orders
have been placed early so that our best possible service and our best
possible choice Hollies can be reserved especially for you and yours.

If an acknowledgment is desired, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your order; otherwise, your cancelled check or credit card charge will be your receipt and will serve as our MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE for quality and service. So that both may be the best, please check names and addresses carefully, including ZIP codes, and indicate approximate desired arrival times. Unless specified, shipments will be timed to arrive about December 15th (Florida, Hawaii and destinations with warm climates about the 17th). Holly is available for shipment after November 1st. We cannot guarantee Christmas delivery if orders are received after December 10th.

If any last minute changes become necessary, substitutions of equal or greater value will be made.

We make every effort to assure timely delivery and complete satisfaction. However, due to the perishable nature of our product and the many uncontrollable factors involved -
the limited time for cutting and packing forest greens and our field-grown crops, the unpredictable and frequently inclement weather here in Oregon, enroute or at various destinations, the heavy Holiday mailings and shipping, and the possibility of other problems - occasionally some unsatisfactory products are received.

Should there be any questions or complaint, please advise us immediately, giving as many details as possible so that we can take steps to minimize disappointments for all.

Thank you for your orders and your continued appreciation of our efforts; both are truly appreciated!