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 Updated 16th October 2022
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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions (click on a question to view the answer):


  • Ordering and Payments
    1.   When can I start ordering my holly and evergreen products for the Holidays?
      Our holly season begins on November 1st every year. Please submit orders after this date, but be sure to get them in before December 10th.

    2.   How can I place my order?
      We can take your orders by mail, fax, phone, and now also through our online store. You can access the online store by clicking on the left navigation link or here. Mail order forms can be downloaded from the website here and are especially useful for those ordering gifts for multiple recipients. (Downloading the PDF version of the order form is best. If you have any problems, please let us know.) Our contact information is located here. Please use whichever option is best for you. We look forward to serving you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email.

    3.   What if I want my holly order to arrive before or after December 14th?
      We usually aim to deliver holly orders around December 15th. If you desire a different delivery date and you are ordering online, you may specify your preferred delivery date range in the drop-down menu at the end of the Billing section when you are going to check-out. If ordering by mail or fax, just indicate the desired delivery date on your order form.

    4.   How can I place an order for multiple recipients online?
      If you'd like to send gifts to multiple recipients online, you'll need to go through the checkout process for each recipient. After entering your billing information, in the Shipping Info section click on "Edit address" and then select "Enter a new shipping address". At the end of the shipping section you will be able to mark a checkbox indicating if this is a gift and have the option to write a message for the gift recipient that will be included inside their package.

      To make this process easier online, you can make an account and save some of your information for reuse. Alternatively, you can always give us a call or print out and fax or mail our order form, accessible here.

    5.   What payment methods can I use?
      If you are shopping through our online store, you can pay with any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) or your PayPal account. Note, that we use PayPal's secure payment system to process online orders, but you do not need a PayPal account to purchase with a credit card.

      You can also use a credit card when ordering by phone. If you prefer to order by mail, you may use credit card or a check.

    6.   Why do you request a phone number or email when ordering online?
      We ask for your phone number and/or email in case we need to contact you regarding your order. We value your privacy and we won't sell or share your contact information with third parties.

    7.  Can I make a wholesale order?
      If you are a wholesale buyer and interested in making an order, please email us at holly@beavercreekfarms.com or give us a call at (503) 632-3169.

  • Shipping
    1.   How much does shipping cost?
      As always, shipping is included! No extra, hidden costs will be applied to your order at checkout.
      We pay for USPS Priority Mail to facilitate getting your holly to you as fresh as possible. Please note, USPS Priority Mail aims to deliver packages in 1-3 days, but delays due to weather and other factors beyond our control may delay the USPS deliveries.

    2.   Do you ship internationally?
      We are only able to ship holly to the US. We also can ship to APOs.

  • General
    1.   How should I care for my holly?
      Holly, like any other cut floral product, is perishable and its beauty diminishes quickly in high temperatures or dry air. Your holly is likely to last longer if kept in a cooler environment.

    2.   What do the different varities of holly look like?
      We grow traditional English holly (ilex aquifolium) which comes in many varieties. Please see our Holly Varieties page to view some of the different types of Enligh hollies available.

    3.   Where can I learn more about holly?
      The following are helpful websites where you can learn more about holly:
    4.  Do you sell live holly plants?
      We do not sell live, potted holly plants. We only sell cut holly during the Christmas holiday season. For information on live holly plants, you may want to contact the Holly Society of America.